Siding is More Than Visual

Our residential siding contractors will inspect and assess the issues, and based on the extent of the damage, we will discuss siding repairs or replacement. Aesthetically pleasing and effective siding is essential and makes a lasting impression. Make sure your home is in good shape by having Industry Elite inspect your siding.

The primary purpose of your home’s siding is to protect the home, along with foundation and contents within it. Siding protects the home from rain, snow, wind, and any other strong weather elements. When it is colder, a well installed siding can protect the interior of the home from the cold weather outside. It can also help keep in the heat that is produced for your home, so you can stay warm and comfortable in the winter.

We’ll assist you by alerting you of exactly what’s wrong, and correcting it with siding repair or replacement. Below is a description of popular materials our residential siding contractors prefer to use on a given project.

Metal Siding

  • Contemporary design
  • Does not mold or rot
  • Does not require much maintenance
  • Will not fade
  • Eco-friendly
  • Fire resistant
  • Loud during storms

Vinyl Siding

  • Most Popular Residential Siding Choice in the United States
  • 20-30 year Lifespan
  • Durable
  • Huge array of color options
  • Versatile in its textural options
  • Easy to clean
  • Often the most economical option
  • Cannot paint

Wood Siding

  • Lightweight, making installation time quicker
  • Eco-friendliest siding on the market
  • Can be stained and painted in custom colors
  • High R-Value
  • Very energy efficient
  • Requires maintenance

What’s New in Residential Siding

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