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How to Winterize your Siding

Winterizing your siding is an integral step to prepare your home for the harsh winter elements. Winterizing your siding ensures it will withstand the winter and keep your energy bills low. We have created a checklist of important steps to take to ensure your siding is ready for winter.

Tips for winterizing your siding

1Inspect siding for cracks, gaps, or weak spots. 

2If you notice any gaps around windows, doors, vents, or trim make sure to caulk them. 

3Replace any old caulk that is splitting, drying out, or flaking.

4If extensive damage is found, including large holes contact a professional siding company for inspection and repair.

5Consider upgrading. Certain siding types are horrible in cold weather. Wood and clapboard shrink and expand along with the temperatures. Consider more cold-friendly options such as steel. 

6Add extensions to downspouts so water runs at least 3 to 4 feet away from the foundation.

7Clean out your gutters to make sure they are free from debris. Debris can block the proper flow and drainage of water, causing pooling. Pooling water can spill over the edge causing leaks and damage to your home’s foundation. Ice dams can also build up where water has pooled.

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