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Perks of Insulated Siding

Not all siding is created equally. While all siding provides the first layer of defense for a home, insulated siding can add another layer of protection.

How Insulated Siding is Made

Insulated vinyl siding has an outer skin made of polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, just like standard vinyl siding. Behind this skin is a layer of expanded polystyrene (EPS) that is fitted to the profile of the vinyl. The insulation is glued in place. The backside of the insulation is flat so the siding installs flush against the home’s exterior wall. Insulated siding can add value in many ways.

Weather Resistance

Insulated siding’s number one goal is to protect from the weather. Like other types of siding, It protects your home’s critical structural elements from rain, wind, moisture, and other potential damage. Because insulated siding has another layer, it has a tighter fit that keeps the house air and water tight.

Greener Living

Unfortunately, in the winter the cold always creeps in and in the summer the heat radiates in to make out home’s temperature less than desirable. So, what do we do? We crank up the heat or air conditioning. Not only does this have an effect on our energy bill, it also increases your carbon footprint. Insulated siding increases your home’s R-Value.

What is the R-value?

The R-value measures how well your siding resists heat transfer. If heat can move easily through the siding, it will make the inside temperature change often with the outside temperature. The higher the R-value, the stronger the insulation. A more insulated home, the less heat and air conditioning you will need to use to be comfortable. Keep the inside air in and the outside air out.

Cost Savings

Beyond the benefits of going green, an insulated siding installation can also lower your cost of maintaining your home. By not using your heat as much in the winter and less air conditioning in the summer, you can save money on energy bills year-round.

Although the initial cost of insulated siding is a bit higher, it can also save money in the long run because it typically lasts longer.

Peace and Quiet

Another great thing about installing insulated siding is that is can actually reduce the impact of noise outside of your home. It can block out the sounds of your noisy neighbors, cars passing by, sirens, and so much more. This is especially nice for homes that are located on a busy road.

Curb Appeal

Insulated siding installation can enhance your home’s visual appeal. Since siding is one of the most visible features of any house, even a seemingly small change can make a huge difference in curb appeal.

Increased Durability

Most siding products are made to make a home look great.  A lot aren’t designed to provide protection for the house. Traditional vinyl siding products create a hollow void between the back of the siding and the wall. It leaves the siding itself vulnerable to damage when it gets hit by things like hail, rocks or a child’s baseball. Nobody wants to live in a house where they are concerned about the exterior of their home breaking from the smallest impact.

Insulated siding provides significantly increased. The foam insulation serves as a shock absorber against impact. Insulated siding stands up to the elements, whether they be from mother nature or man made.

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