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Window Insulation Tips for Winter

Window insulation is an old-school but effective method to stay warm during the winter. Insulating your windows helps keep out the cold, and avoid expensive heating bills during these winter months.

How to insulate your windows

Did you know a single pane of glass can lose nearly ten times as much heat as the same area of an insulated wall? Luckily insulating your windows can help you avoid this problem. These are some common ways you can insulate your windows:

1. Window Insulation Film

Window film creates a barrier between your home’s interior and your windows. Kits typically include plastic shrink wrap film that you apply to the indoor window frame using double-sided sticky tape. The film is then heated with a hair dryer to shrink it and remove wrinkles.

2. Cover your Windows with Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap provides a pocket of air to prevent cold or heat from moving in or out of your home. To install spray water over the inside of the window and place the bubble wrap with the bubble side facing the glass. You can also seal the edges with tape to help with fit.

3. Weather Stripping

Also on old-school, but effective way to insulate your home. Place pieces of weather stripping around your windows and doors.

4. Thermal Curtains

These curtains feature a special lining that hold warm air inside during winter. These curtains also block out the heat during the hot summer months. You want to make sure your curtain covers the whole window completely for it to work.

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