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Holiday Gifts for the Roofing Contractor in your Life

With the holiday season upon us and shopping to be done, don’t forget your roofing contractor! Our roofing contractors go to great heights to make sure our roofs are installed or maintain correctly. These are some unique and fun holiday gifts.

Show appreciation to the roofing contractor in your life

New Essentials

Ladder: Unless you’re Spiderman you’re going to need one eventually.

Nail gun and Compressor:The essential roofer’s tools.

Roofing Hammer: All-in-one cutter and driver.

Circular Saw: Cordless, of course.

Battery Charger: With spare batteries for productivity.

Reciprocating Saw: With wood and metal blades for versatility.


Protective Gloves: You can never have too many!

Earplugs: Very important when using loud power equipment.

Hard hats: Gravity is not always your friend!

Steel-toed Boots: Boots in stockings? Why not?!

Makita Wheeled Contractor’s Bag: Roofing contractor’s move a lot especially managing multiple projects in a day. This high-quality bag is designed to carry various power tools, parts, and accessories and keeps them secured while on transit. This wheeled bag is also weather resistant keeping tools free from rust and dirt.


ToolSmart Bluetooth Laser Distance Measurer: This blue tooth laser distance measurer will sure to be a hit with your roofing contractor. All you have to do is point the laser to an area you want to measure and it will provide an accurate reading of up to 100 ft.  Whether you’re working on installing a new panel or estimating how much materials you need for your new project, this is a great tool to have.

Klein Non-Contact Voltage Tester: Safety is a top priority for contractors. A non-contact voltage tester is the safest way to know if there is an electric current running through an electric socket or not without touching any wires. This tester is simple to use.

Stanley 3-in-1 Mobile Work CenterThis truly is having your own workshop on wheels! It’s a portable storage unit for hand tools, power tools, and more. It has a spacious bottom bin and detachable toolbox and tray. Your roofing contractor won’t worry about misplacing any tools. This mobile work station is built to last.

Drone: Residential and commercial contractors alike have adopted using drone technology for faster and safer roof estimating and measurements.

CSP-Contractor Space Pen Tool: This heavy duty and multi-functional space pen tool makes a wonderful gift for any contractor or home builder. It writes underwater, over grease, in extreme temperature and even upside down. Aside from that, you can use it for various measurements, and it writes on almost any surface.

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