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Why Can't I Get a New Roof in the Winter

It’s winter. It may not feel like it. But it still is. Unfortunately, Industry Elite Services is not installing roofs during winter months. You might think that its because of the snow but it is much more than that.

When is it too cold to roof?

An ideal day for roofing would be nice and warm, with no chance of rain or wind. Unfortunately, perfect temperatures and clear skies aren’t the norm every day of the year for most states. This is especially true during winter months, which brings even more challenges like freezing temperatures and snow. Roofers must find solutions to continue their job even with problematic weather conditions.

Winter roofing challenges

The best temperature range for roof installations is between 70- and 80-degrees Fahrenheit, but when is it too cold to roof? It really is too cold when temperatures drop below 40° F. Many roofing products have adhesive properties that require the sun’s heat for activation. You risk a faulty roof install if you do not pay attention to the temperature outside. The potential for voided warranty also increases when the temperature drops below 40° F.

Snow and ice

Slick surfaces are a safety hazard for workers. Ice can be difficult to see, and injuries like a slip and fall can happen if extra safety precautions aren’t taken. Snow also makes it difficult to see other dangers like a sky light or damaged areas on the roof. The extra weight of snow on a roof may also make it more susceptible to collapses. This type of damage may not always be obvious on the surface.

Quality of install and materials

When roofing in cold weather, you run the risk of materials becoming brittle and breaking. This may mean that your roof install won’t be up to standard and will fail sooner than it should.

Cracked and broken shingles often lead to water damage, one of the more serious problems with roofs. When working below 70° F, the adhesive may not reach the ideal elasticity and will not create a perfect seal. Temperatures warmer than 80° can be problematic in the other direction. Asphalt shingles can become overly pliable and are susceptible to damage during installation. Contractors are more likely to overdrive nails, and foot traffic can erode the protective granular layer quite easily in extremely warm temperatures.

While the installation of shingles in winter is possible with the right prep work and materials, it requires a little more attention. If winter installation is unavoidable, most asphalt shingle manufacturers require a specialized adhesive manually applied to each shingle for temperatures below 40° F. If shingles are applied below 40° without the specialized adhesive, you risk a voided warranty.

Furry Friends need a home during the winter

Cold weather invites a lot of unwelcome guests on a subpar roof. Birds nesting on a subpar roof is not a nightmare scenario but can be if you plan to do the repairs on your own. During the cold season, birds will nest on the roof with their young to keep warm. The protectiveness of birds to their young is not a joking matter, and they may give you some considerable resistance. A single human being bested by a protective mother bird is a common sight. The same thing happens when encountering a beehive or a wasp’s nest. When it is cold outside, birds and insects stay home and are willing to protect it with their lives. Be prepared to deal with these obstacles on a subpar roof in cold weather.

Things get particularly difficult when that subpar roof has holes in it. When there is a hole in your roof that allows rodents to get into the attic, cold weather brings in a lot of unwelcome rodents. Small rodents of all kinds can make a home in your attic via the same roof you neglected to repair during the warmer months. The problem with this situation (just like with the birds) is that they play house in groups, not singles. The amount of effort it takes to get rid of rodents in your attic is considerably more difficult than dealing with birds on a roof. They will continue attempts to go back to their home even after you evict them. It would be a waste of money to be forced into paying for pest control before starting a new installation on your roof.

Industry Elite Service’s goal is to provide the best service possible. We will perform repairs to make sure your home is safe and sound. But we will wait until the spring for a full repair or installation.

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