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How to Check Your Roof for Damage

Roofs can be a tricky thing. It seems we never notice a problem until it hits us in the face. Or until a drop of water dripping from our ceiling does. Roof protect us from the outdoor elements but sometimes damage to a roof keeps it from doing its job. The best way to prevent these issues is to fix a potential problem before it reaches your interior. A great way to spot these problems is to make sure you visually check your roof often.

You can safely check a few things yourself from the ground. Here’s what you can spot on your own and when you should call Industry Elite Services.

What to look for during your roof inspection

Check for any of these issues safely from the ground. Using binoculars may be helpful.

Lifting or missing shingles: If there is a spot where a shingle used to be but is no longer there, call Industry Elite Services. This needs to be repaired to avoid a leak or water damage in your home. This may have been caused by ice damming, a storm, or just normal wear and tear but it needs to be repaired.

Piles of granules: Asphalt shingles naturally loose granules over time due to normal wear and tear. However, if there are granules pilling up on the ground below the roof or in the gutters, call Industry Elite Services. It may be time for a new roof.

Flashing issues: Check all the roof valleys and near the chimney.  Flashing is anywhere your roof meets a vertical surface. Water tends to pool in these area making them a perfect place for a leak.  Check for missing, damaged or bent flashing. To fix these issues, the repairman must be on the roof. Call in the experts at Industry Elite Services.

Damaged drip edge: This metal flashing hangs under the roof eaves to protect the fascia. If the drip edge is damaged or missing, rainwater can get into your home and cause water damage.

Missing or exposed fasteners: Check for missing or damaged nails of fasteners. This means the singles or underlayment could be loose.

When to call Industry Elite Services

A qualified roofing professional, like Industry Elite Services, should do the following checks. We have diagnosticians and technicians who can help with these areas.

Damaged sheathing: Sheathing is what your shingles are attached to. It is the foundation of your roof. Have Industry Elite Services come and make sure that the sheathing is a good and strong foundation for your roof.

Damaged underlayment: Underlayment is a felt that goes between the sheathing and they shingles. Have Industry Elite Services come and make sure that this layer is in good condition to protect your home from water.

If your roof is in need of repairs or something does not look right, do not hesitate to call Industry Elite Services. We offer free inspections.

Industry Elite Services wants to make sure that your roof lasts you as long as possible. We know that a lot of roofing problems are avoidable with proper maintenance and repair. While you can check your roof and make sure it is doing it’s job correctly, consider signing up for out Proactive Maintenance Plan to have the professionals take care of your roof.


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