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What is a Gravel Stop?

Roofing choices for homeowners and business owners today offer a wide variety of options. From function to design there is something to fit every homeowner’s budget and aesthetic preferences. With those choices also comes maintenance, and if you have a gravel roof maintenance is often more complex. Luckily for homeowners with gravel roofing, a gravel stop can make the world of difference for maintenance.

In this post you will learn the benefits of using gravel roofing, what a gravel stop is, how its installed, and the different color and metal choices available to choose from.

Why Use Gravel Roofing?

Also referred to as Built Up Roofs BUR. The gravel embedded on the top coat of asphalt (the flood coat) protects the underlying layers from the elements, including ultraviolet rays and natural threats like hail storms or heavy rains.

Now that you know why gravel roofing is often a preferred choice, we will now move onto what a BUR roof is.

What is a Built Up Roof (BUR)?

Built-up roofs or BURs (also called a tar and gravel roof) are a style of flat roof.  It is made up of alternating layers of roofing felt or fiberglass and asphalt that is applied with heat. They combine to make a long-lasting sturdy roofing system.1

What is a Gravel Stop?

A gravel stop is a metal edge that features an angled bend at the top. Its main function is keep water and gravel from washing away from the edge of a building structure.


  • Installation of this gravel stop is very straightforward and the design allows for easy in field customization and adjustments
  • This type of gravel stop is more resistant to oil canning caused by uneven (wavy, bulky…) wood blocking
  • Wide variety of colors and material thicknesses is available with short lead times.

Now that we have covered what a gravel stop is and its function, we will now talk about the benefits.

What Are the Benefits of a Gravel Stop?

It stops the gravel from being washed away off your roof. It also helps seal the roof’s edge for moisture protection. They are able to be installed on both residential and commercial roofs.

Color and Metal Options

Gravel stop comes in a variety of metal and color finishes. From stainless steel to a matte finish the design options to match your home are endless. Some metal and color finish options are:

Stainless Steel. Commonly found in kitchen appliances, stainless steel is a favorite for being easy to clean and maintain.

Copper. It offers many advantages over other metals such as: great looks (both new and with age), it is easy to work with, soft, it can also be soldered, offering more security against leaks and if used correctly, in many applications, it can last a lifetime.

Matte Aluminum. Comes in a variety of colored finishes. It’s the most used colored metals for edge metal, step fleshing, and metal roofing.

Zinc. Zinc is commonly used for metal roofing, gutters & counter tops. Used for gutters, hangers, metal roofing panels, downspouts, chimney caps, cupolas, louvers, finials, edge metal, flashing, step flashing, leader heads, gutter accessories, conductor boxes and skylights.

With a variety of color and metal finishes to choose from, there is something to fit every budget and design preference.

In conclusion, at Industry Elite Services we pride ourselves on the variety of services we offer. Get your gravel stop today by calling us at 630-536-8232.

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