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5 Issues Caused by Gutter Clogs

While cleaning out your gutters does not sound like a fun Saturday morning, it is very necessary to avoid clogs. Gutter clogs can cause a lot of issues. Here are five issues that can come from clogged gutters.

5 Issues Caused by Gutter Clogs

When it rains, the water has to go somewhere. A gutter system’s job is to move the water from the roof to any area away from the home. However, when the gutter is clogged the water cannot move to the correct places. When the water overflows from your gutters, it lands on the ground right next to your house. The water can then cause damage to your home

Water in the basement

Water always moves to the lowest point. Thank you, gravity. If the water is near your home, it might find the low point of your basement. If you find water in your basement after a rainstorm, check your gutters. They may be clogged or broken. No one likes a wet basement. In the best-case scenario, the water pools into a puddle in an unfinished basement. This may just require a quick mop up. However, most of our basements are not empty. This water can ruin boxes, furniture, flooring, walls, etc. Get ahead of this potential water damage, clean out your gutters regularly.

Damage to Landscaping

Landscaping around your home can easily end up damaged by overflowing water from your gutters. Excess water can cause mulch to float away float away. This can cause plants to wither away. The water cause also kills plants from being over watered. The impact from the water from abuse can hurt delicate flowers.

Cracked Foundations & Crawl Space Issues

Whether you have a slab foundation or a crawl space, water causes damage. If you have wood footings and water can get into your crawlspace cause the wood to rot. Mold and mildew can form in your crawlspace and eventually spread into your home. Water that collects around your foundation can cause frost-heaves in the winter. This is where the water expands as it freezes and shifts all or part of your foundation.

Fascia Damage

The fascia is the vertical band that runs along your roof’s edge. It’s often where your gutter is attached to your home. When the gutter overflows with water, it doesn’t just run over the side. The water can also run over the back of the gutter against the fascia. When the water runs on the fascia, it can cause rot or mold. This can cause the fascia to deteriorate.

The best way to make sure these issues do not happen to your home is to make sure you gutters do not get clogged. There are a couple ways to do that. Installing gutter guards can keep leaves and debris from getting in the gutters in the first place. Whether you have gutter guards or not, Industry Elite Services recommends cleaning out your gutters regularly.

If you find issues from your gutters being broken, call Industry Elite Services to repair or replace your gutters. We go to great heights for our clients.


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