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Scariest Roofs Ever!

In our 15 years of servicing roofs in the Naperville area, we have seen some very scary roofs. Here are some of the scariest roofs we have ever seen.  If your roof looks this scary, please call us. Industry Elite Services can help, but only with the roof, not the ghosts in the attic. These homeowners have really outdone themselves. We love seeing such fun and imaginative decorations. Please share your fun decorations with us. We would love to see them.

Happy Halloween from all of us at Industry Elite Services.

Enjoy the scariest roofs ever!

Will the Real Slim Skeleton Please Stand Up?

Scariest Roofs1


Here’s Skelly

Scariest Roofs2

Who ya gonna call?

Scariest Roofs3

Not so Ittsy Bitsy Spider

Scariest Roofs4

Neighborhood or Marina?

Scariest Roofs 5

Find more scary roof decorations here. But if your roof starts to look scary or your ceiling is starting to look haunted by water stains, please call and get a quote today. We are here to help. Your roof should only look this scary around halloween. Make sure your haunted house doesn’t continue into Thanksgiving. Don’t let your roof make our “scariest roofs ever” list next year.

Don’t go unprotected this year. Be proactive! Join our proactive maintenance plan to prevent a scary situation. Nothing is worse than returning home to see that the storm that hit while you were at work made flooded your basement. We partner with you to maintain your home and keep it in tip top shape year round to prevent big messes like a flooded basement. Don’t let small problems turn into big issues. Get your free quote for our proactive maintenance plan today!

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