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Drones for Home Remodeling

At Industry Elite Services we are always trying to use the most current technologies in our business. One of these technologies that we use are drones! Drones caused a stir when they took off in popularity in 2018. Drones are an easy and effective way to take your photography or video skills to new heights and can be used for bird watching, and even wedding photography. Using drones for home remodeling is a fairly new concept, but at Industry Elite Services we use the most current technologies available to us.

Drones can be used to survey a job site and build maps.

Using a drone to do this complex task allows it to happen with greater accuracy and faster versus a person. Drones have made surveying easy by making data collection simple. Drones can quickly transmit data to a live feed or SD data storage instantly. They can also reach high-risk areas or small spaces that a human crew would have trouble reaching.

We can also show clients our progress of building, renovation, and inspection. This is especially helpful for clients who aren’t always available to come to the job site. It shows clients a visual stand point that would otherwise be unseen from the ground. Drones for home remodeling also show clients a visual of projects that haven’t even started yet.

Drones can also be used to inspect structures. Instead of employing heavy software, lots of people and relying on complex readings, you can employ a drone to get a first-hand view of how solid your structures are, how aesthetically pleasing they are coming up, and where they are moving out of the plan, all in a hurry.

Check out one of our drones in action inspecting the work on a client’s home. If you are in need of home remodeling projects using our drones call us today at (630)536-8232.

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