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10 Steps to Winterizing your Windows

Winterizing your windows is an important defense you can take against winter’s cold. At Industry Elite Services we believe in being prepared as a homeowner is your best defense against the elements.

Recommended tips for winterizing your windows


1Check the glass. Make sure your glass panes are in good shape. If you discover cracked or broken glass, replace the panes.


2 Add weather stripping. Both windows and doors can be weather stripped for added protection against drafts and cold weather. 


3Install storm windows. If your windows didn’t come with storm windows, you can purchase new ones and add them at any time to help tackle stubborn drafts.


4Cover basement window wells. Capping your window wells with covers traps heat and prevents drafts.


5Window insulator kits are a low-cost option for DIY window insulation.


6Apply caulk around the outside perimeter of your windows, creating a seal between the window frame and siding material. 


7 Putting up thick window drapes will improve the energy efficiency of your home. On sunny days open your blinds or drapes to allow the sun in. This helps warm your home.


8If you have window air conditioner units, remove them or cover them. This can reduce drafts and heat loss while protecting your air conditioner from the elements.


9Prime and paint exposed wood to keep drafts out. Exposed wood is porous. Wind can get through this wood. Priming and painting it seals most of the holes and cracks that naturally exist in the wood.


10If you want to go all out and replace your windows, at Industry Elite Services we offer both commercial and residential window replacement options.

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